Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly delivery service  available for most bagel stores and food distributors in the continental USA.  We can arrange for shipment (by the pallet) of our Frozen Raw Dough Bagels, Frozen Fully Cooked Bagels, and Frozen Par-Baked Bagels to most areas in the continental USA.

Call us: Your deli, bagel store, food distribution business can re-sell A&S Bagels.  If you are interested in purchasing bagels from A&S Bagels, please contact A&S Bagels at (516)754-9004.

Frozen bagels: A&S Bagels can be enjoyed throughout the country.  Our Par-Baked Bagels are partially baked bagels, which are frozen, and then packaged 5 dozen per case.  A&S Raw Dough Bagels, are already formed bagels which have yet to be baked, however are packaged 10 dozen per case in a frozen state. Being that par-baked bagels and raw dough bagels can be frozen, they can also be shipped and/or delivered to your bagel store or bakery.  The par-baked bagel and the raw dough bagels are finished off (baked off) at your location, so that you can serve hot bagels to your customers.

Buying wholesale: generally means to purchase large quantities of an item (buy in bulk) at reduced prices.  Some people expand the definition to include: with the goal of re-selling or serving the product to the end consumer. Accordingly, A&S Bagels sells our bagels in large quantites to other bagel stores, bakeries, hotels and other food service institutions.

Email us at: bagelmail@newyorkbagelwholesalers.com