WHOLESALE: A&S Bagels sells our bagels to food distributors, bagel shops, delis, country clubs, hotels, schools, and other food service institutions.  If you are interested in learning more about this service, please call us at 516-754-9004.  

     Your deli, bagel store, food distribution business can re-sell A&S Bagels.  If you are interested in purchasing bagels from A&S Bagels, please contact A&S Bagels at (516)754-9004.  A&S Bagels makes, bakes and distributes authentic New York water boiled Bagels.  A&S Bagels is a wholesaler and retailer of New York Bagels.  A&S bagels are Kosher and are under Rabbinical supervision.  A&S Bagels offers full baked fresh, full baked frozen (thaw and serve), frozen par baked and pre-formed frozen raw dough bagels.  Also, A&S Bagels makes and bakes bagel flats, bagel twists, mini-bagels and bialys.

* E-MAIL US AT: bagelmail@newyorkbagelwholesalers.com *